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Sungai Itek / Sungai Kampar
White Water Rafting


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 Welcome to adventure world of Malaysia

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White Water River Rafting, Sungai Kampar / Sungai Itek, Gopeng, Perak
 and other parts of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak

Package Rates : RM 150.00 per person minimum 2 pax
                            RM 130.00 per person 5 person and above


Let us know if you want to start your rafting at different time.
Two Departures daily, morning and afternoon

Morning Departure09.30am
Afternoon Departure01.00pm
Rating timing can be customized, let us know.
Morning Session (
How to get to Tempurung Cave Car Park by - Road Bus Train)

0915 hrs
Meet us at Tempurung cave car park.
0945 hrs
Transfer to Sungai Itek, in Kampar, Perak. Commence rafting at 1000 hours inclusive of briefings on safety, paddling  and rafting techniques. You will be equipped with safety helmets and life vests for the adrenaline pumping ride through the various rapids (around 10 rapids). The adventure takes two to 3 hours of leisure paddling. Lunch and refreshments provided.

1300 hrs
Tour Ends
Afternoon Session
1230 hrs
Meet us at Tempurung cave car park, lunch and refreshments provided.
1330 hrs
Transfer to Sungai Itek, in Kampar, Perak. Commence rafting at 1430 hours inclusive of briefings on safety, paddling  and rafting techniques. You will be equipped with safety helmets and life vests for the adrenaline pumping ride through the various rapids (around 10 rapids). The adventure takes two to 3 hours of leisure paddling.

1630 hrs
Tour Ends

Key Information
What to Bring & Do:Change of clothes (for changing after rafting - please take note, after rafting, all guest are require to clean up (shower & change clothing) before boarding), Sarong, Personal medication and cravings, River sandals or sport shoes with laces. A pair of socks is recommended if using sport shoes, Straps for spectacles or goggles for contact lenses, Towel, Shoes, Slippers, Sun block, Insect repellent, Personal toiletries, Waterproof camera (optional), and don't forget to bring a sense of adventure / fun / humor / enthusiasm and a flexible attitude
What to Wear, Wear comfortable, sandals, T-shirt, long or short pants.
Difficulty, Leisurely to Easy (suitable for children age 6 and above)
Basic Terms, No Refund will be entertained in case of "NO SHOW" or "UN-USED" Service.
All participants will be required to sign a Liability Release Form before departure.
Special NoteRiver rafting is subject to the water level and weather condition. If rafting is not possible to be conducted, an alternative date may be suggested.
Requirements (for Insurance use), Full Name (as in Passport), Age, Nationality, Address, Sex, Identity Card or Passport No & D.O.B
Take Note (fine print), Due to the nature of the tour, the weather, road condition, local circumstances, prevailing safety factors, the route & itinerary may vary to those published but the content of the tour will remain the same. The final decision of the actual itinerary will be made by us on the day of the tour.
General Info
Do's and Don'ts
Safety Briefing

Do Not Litter
Bring All Rubbish Out Of  the Raft.
Do Not Damage Any Plants Or Trees
Do Not Make Excessive Noise
Stay Healthy.
Do Not Take Unnecessary Risks Like Climbing Up Rocks.
Always Listen To Advise Given By Your  Guides.
Do Not Stay Away From The Group, you can easilyget lost.
A detailed safety briefing will be conducted before each trip. The rafting team for the trip explains what to do if the raft flips, how to help each other out of the water and what conditions to expect.
We always give the worst-case scenario so that people know what to expect from the trip and, therefore, have the choice to forego their trip after the safety talk. Once in the raft, you are instructed by your rafting guide as to how to negotiate the rapids and some practice is done before you set off. You are also briefed before each rapid on how the raft is expected to react.

Safety and Precaution
Rafting is safer then crossing road
We always ensure all the participants wear a life jacket.
We do not overload the raft.
We do not go rafting after/during a heavy rain.
Our guides are qualified and well trained.
We well know local weather conditions. We make sure the water and weather conditions are safe. Because water conducts electricity, it is wise to stop swimming, boating, or any activities on the water as soon as you see or hear lightning.

Practical Rafting Tips

All rafters will be given a safety briefing before the ride and will be shown basic backward and forward paddling techniques. Always check that the helmets and life jackets provided fit you well and are not too tight or too loose.
Your life jacket will buoy you in the eventuality of the raft overturning. If you've over-turned close to the river bank, don't use your raft paddle, as you may hit someone else. Do not attempt to use the paddle as a lever against rocks as you risk getting hit by it.
The following are some points to remember:
Bring a change of clothes. A warm-up jacket is also a good idea.
Wear well-fitting shoes, rubber shoes or sandals.
Jewellery which cannot be secured firmly should not be worn while rafting.
Those wearing glasses are reminded to use an elastic sports band to anchor their spectacles.
Contact lens users are advised to wear spectacles instead, in order to cut down the risk of their lenses getting contaminated by river water.


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